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Calpis America Opening Peachtree City Facility

Posted: Mon Feb 11, 2013

Calpis America has selected Peachtree City for its U.S. headquarters and first manufacturing operation, and expects to invest $20 million and create 42 jobs in its first year of operations.

Calpis will construct a facility in Peachtree City Industrial Park to produce its direct-fed microbial product, CALSPORIN animal feed ingredients, which is used widely in the livestock industry to supply a naturally occurring microorganism. Operations are anticipated to begin in April 2014, and Georgia Quick Start will assist the company with its training needs.

"U.S. consumers have for many years given us business opportunities and ideas to improve our products," said president of Calpis America Inc. Masato Yoshida. "Locating this plant in Georgia will enable us to better serve the industry and to utilize the abundant workforce. Peachtree City provides us good access to our users as well as transportation convenience both domestically and internationally."

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